martha's vineyard 2.0

welcome to martha's vineyard 2.0

the latest labor of love by the folks at mv tweets bringing
the island of martha's vineyard closer to your fingertips,
and nearer to your hearts.

use it to shorten web links
to share on twitter and facebook, mobile devices,
and pesky email programs that break long links. new features here!

happy sharing!

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it's easy to set up. just use the path to our public API:

thought of a unique way you can use in your app or on your site?
consult our API documentation for help and inspiration.

here's an app we made with it is available for wordpress!

have a wordpress blog having to do with martha's vineyard?
you can set up your blog to shorten links using the YOURLS plugin.
the plugin also works for, tinyURL, and
you can even have it tweet the links for you!

to configure your plugin, select the your own YOURLS install
and the remote, on another server options.
in the URL to the YOURLS API box, enter
you can leave the login and password fields blank.

a big thank you to the creators of YOURLS for the tech!

what's a bookmarklet?

instead of coming to this site to shorten a link,
you can shorten links right from the page you want to share.

drag this link to your bookmarks toolbar,
and use it whenever you want.

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